Cool Your Jets

Worldwide leader in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of Joule Thomson Cryostats and Laboratory Cryogenic Systems.

Stat Global produces a full range of J-T Cryostats for cooling Infra-Red (IR) detectors used in airborne, ground based and laboratory applications using our proprietary designs and equipment. We have designed and delivered over 75 different configurations of Demand Flow Cryostats which are used in a wide variety of systems including thermal imaging devices, cooled IR detectors, and other military systems.

Our cryostats are a low cost, combat proven, highly reliable solution to your cooling needs. We offer off the shelf catalog cryostats and accessories as well as build to print and custom designed cryostats fully tested and qualified to your requirements.  

Our products are manufactured under strict quality control standards and we maintain a strict export compliance system which ensures compliance with ITAR regulations.

Please contact us with any of your design, production or repair requirements for cryostats and accessories.