Fixed Oriface Cryostat

Simple and rapid cooldown of detector elements to temperatures as low as 77K is possible through the use of R. G. Hansen & Associates fixed orifice cryostats. Our cryostats convert pressurized gasses to cryogen directly in an appropriately designed dewar.


The fixed orifice cryostat will operate successfully over a wide range of ambient temperatures; -55° to 70° C is usual.

Gas Supply

The gas supply to the cryostat is normally commercial, high-purity, extra-dry, water-pumped nitrogen, MIL-N-6011, Grade A. Other gases such as Argon (87K),
Freon 14 (145K) or Freon 13 (192K)
may be used without modification to the cryostat; for maximum efficiency, however, custom modifications to our standard cryostat are required when using coolants other than nitrogen gas.

Heat Load

Successful operation with detector/dewar package heat loads of 2 watts or less may be expected when Nitrogen gas is used. Capacities to 5 watts and more are possible with the other gases and custom cryostats.

Fixed Oriface Cryostats Breakedown

Cooldown and Gas Consumption Curves