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Worldwide leader in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of Joule Thomson Cryostats and Laboratory Cryogenic Systems.

Stat Global provides various filter assemblies to eliminate contamination and moisture from dry gas purity systems or contamination from liquid flushing systems. Our molecular sieve filters dry and remove contaminants from high-pressure gas and interconnecting components to ensure reliable operation of the endline product. We use our own filters in our assembly, cleaning, and testing of all our components to include J-T Cryostats, Filter Assemblies, and Tube & Fitting Assemblies.

Tube & Fitting Assemblies permit safe, reliable and convenient operation of miniature Joule-Thomson Cryostats. The standard 0.040 inch (1.0 mm) diameter x 0.005 inch (0.1 mm) wall copper-nickel tubing has been found to be a convenient means for plumbing high pressure gas lines. The flexibility of the small-diameter tubing is essential in reducing the stress imposed on glass Dewars by high pressure plumbing. Tubing and fittings are rated for 7,500 psi service; burst pressures are in excess of 20,000 psi.

Our miniature pressure fittings are designed for compatibility with all Stat Global miniature cryostats and with 0.040 inch (1.0 mm) flared tubing. Adapters are available to fit military and commercial hydraulic components.
This is just a small sample of what we offer. All hardware shown on this page can be ordered separately.

For complete listing of fittings and adapters please contact us.