Cool Your Jets

Worldwide leader in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of Joule Thomson Cryostats and Laboratory Cryogenic Systems.

Demand Flow Cryostats are designed to support cooling requirements for airborne, ground based and laboratory applications. They provide a quick and efficient cool down to 77 Kelvin and automatically throttle back on gas flow to provide extended operation with limited gas supply.

We offer proven and fully qualified designs from .204” diameter to .440” diameter with lengths to match interface requirements.

The Demand Flow Cryostats are capable of operating on gases such as Argon, Nitrogen and pure air.

A thermostatic control element in the cryostat senses the liquid level in the detector/dewar and operates a self-contained valve in response to changes in heat load and ambient temperature.  The demand flow cryostat will adjust for varying heat loads up to 2 watts. The system is completely self contained; no electrical connections are required


Main Features

  • Minimum gas consumption
  • Self-Regulating
  • Rapid Cool down
  • Reliable operation
  • Vibration free
  • Conforms to Mil Specs

We have designed and delivered thousands of Demand Flow Cryostats with over 75 different configurations. These Cryostats are used in a wide variety of systems including thermal imaging devices, missile cooled detectors, and other military systems.

Please contact us with your specific cooling needs.