Cool Your Jets

Worldwide leader in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of Joule Thomson Cryostats and Laboratory Cryogenic Systems.

Simple and rapid cooldown of detector elements to temperatures as low as 77K is possible through the use of Stat Global's fixed orifice cryostats. Our cryostats convert pressurized gasses to cryogen directly in an appropriately designed dewar. The cryostats convert pressurized gasses to cryogenic liquids directly in the dewar.


The gas supply to the cryostat is normally commercial, high-purity, extra dry, water pumped nitrogen, MIL-N-6011 Grade A.  Other gases such as argon and pure air may be used.


Successful operation with detector/dewar package heat loads of 2 watts or less may be expected when nitrogen gas is used. 


The fixed orifice cryostat will operate successfully over a wide range of ambient temperatures; -55 to 70 C is usual.


Our fixed oriface cryostats are used in many applciations including labratory systems, gas purity monitors and frost point indicators.