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The High-Tran is a variable temperature, liquid transfer cryostat which may be operated with liquid helium (4.2K to 450K)* or liquid nitrogen (77K to 450K). This system is designed to cool spectroscopy samples, Electro-Optic devices, cold shields, high energy physics experiments, etc. Conveniences are offered to the researcher through the use of this highly efficient, cost effective sample cooling system.( System breakdown)It may be operated in any orientation and requires no precooling. Initial cool down takes less than 30 minutes with secondary cool down in approximately 7 minutes. A variety of temperature sensor options and an integral tip heater circuit are available. Sample temperature can be automatically controlled to ±0.1K (standard) or ±0.01K (optional). Manual temperature control can be achieved by controlling the cryogen supply flow or by varying the exhaust gas back pressure. Additional temperature sensors may be installed on the radiation shield station or for attachment to the " sample under test."

The major advantage of the High-Tran over alternate methods of sample cooling is its dual high efficiency internal heat exchangers which require only the necessary amount of cryogen to cool your specific sample. The cryogen flow is controlled by an integral needle valve in the detachable transfer line or by controlling the exhaust gas pressure on the High-Tran exhaust port.

The High-Tran utilizes dual in-line internal heat exchangers separated by a proprietary thermal balance to provide the rapid and efficient removal of heat at both the primary cold station as well as the independent secondary or radiation shield station. Either station may be separately or independently temperature controlled to meet the user's specific needs. By placing optional heaters on the secondary cold station, applications such as variable background IR detector characterization can be easily accomplished.

Optional Vacuum Interfaces include: O-ring Seals Ultra High Vacuum Flanges (various sizes and custom designs available) Vacuum Weldments are Electron Beam Welded to insure the ultimate in both UHV and Clean Sample Compatibility.

*Lower temperatures can be obtained.

Primary & Secondary (Radiation Shield) Refrigeration Capacities

Heat Load Cold Tip Shield
2.5 watts 4.2K 12.9K
4.2 watts 10..0K 16.2K
5.0 watts 20.0K 22.0K
7.0 watts 30.0K 22.0K
15.0 watts 70.0K 31.9K
16.9 watts 77.0K 34.0K

Instrumentation Options

Temperature Sensors
  • Silicon Diode
  • Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT)
  • Gallium Arsenide Diode
  • ron-doped Gold Vs Chromel Thermocoupleron-doped Gold Vs Chromel Thermocouple
  • Germanium Resistance Thermometer (GRT)
  • Carbon Glass Resistor
  • Hydrogen Vapor Pressure Gauge

Instrumentation Feedthroughs Electrical Access

  • Up to 275 electrical Feedthroughs have been provided with the High-Tran system.
  • Electrical access such as hermetically sealed coaxial, triaxial or multi-pin hermetic connectors can be conveniently interfaced to customer requirements.

Heater Circuits

  • Cartridge
  • Thin Film
  • Special Resistive Network Thermometer

Standard System Products

When a complete High Tran Cooling system is ordered, the following components would also be delivered standard.

  • P/N 3040, High Tran
  • P/N 2244-1, Rad Shield
  • P/N 3092, Sample Mount
  • P/N 2167-1, Vacuum Shroud
  • P/N 3063, Transfer Line
  • 331-S Temp Controller
  • CF-50-PB-SS-LL-V Storage Dewar
  • 8905 SWDD, Vacuum Pump*

*Not regularly stocked. We can order if necessary.