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Spectroscopy Cooling System Pourfill Dewars

The Liquid Pourfill Dewar is designed for the spectroscopist seeking the advantages of cryogenically cooled samples. This system allows sample cooldown from room temperature to 77K in less than ten minutes. Optical access is provided through two windows mounted on the Vacuum Shroud and the sample can be rotated with respect to the optional window.

The base sample temperature is obtained by the cryogen used to fill the reservoir. When using the Variable Temperature Pourfill Dewar, a range of test temperatures is then obtained using a control system consisting of a temperature reading diode (cold head mount) and a controller to vary the heater output to arrive at the desired sample temperature(s).

The Pourfill Dewar sample cooler interfaces with a wide variety of sample mounts, sample shrouds and accessories to provide a versatile tool for the spectroscopist, material research analyst or engineer.

Electrical signals can be obtained through a hermetically sealed 26-pin connector. For high frequency and low noise requirements, either coaxial or triaxial connectors are an option. An optional compression interlock accessory may be ordered for fiber optic access.

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